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There is no substitute for a logistics partner with a proven track record. The right industry expertise. The commitment to provide exceptional value and service. To help you meet the increasing complexity and challenges within your supply chain.
Swiftrans Logistics customizes solutions that help global shippers analyze, develop and implement successful logistics management strategies. To reduce operating costs, cycle time, inventory, and liability risk. And optimize shipping, warehousing and distribution
Global process control through assessment and analysis, tight management of multiple modes and oversight of 3PLs and carriers. All linked to performance metrics and project management that yield results
Complete visibility of every step in your supply chain. Industry leading transportation management tools ensure complete control, visibility and transparency of all your shipments.
Swiftrans Logistics can help you to:
  • Create transparency throughout your supply chain
  • Control the increasing complexity, uncertainly and variables associated with your shipments
  • Maximize efficiencies
  • Reduce costs
  • Manage your global resources
  • Supply Chain

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