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  • Project Logistics


From the simple to the most complex. Specialized lifts, oversized cargo, multimodal shipments and customized logistics. Every drill pipe, every joint, every steel sheet, moved with rigorous detailed planning and personalized supervision.
A team of experts. Resources who can think outside the traditional rules and find solutions. We handle the jobs other companies have difficulties understanding and executing.
  • Team of multi-disciplined project specialists. Onsite every step of every project
  • Turnkey and full logistics management services for a wide range of markets, including construction, mining, power, oil and gas and chemical industries
  • Specialists in moves in remote locations and challenging markets
  • Expert Planning: advance logistics plan and scope of work for every step of your project.
  • End-to-end project management, down to the smallest details of your project move. Exceptional attention to all compliance issues, safe operations, and the protection of the environment
  • Project Logistics

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